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The society is replete with many persons for whom charity and service to others is the pivot around which their existence revolves. They feel their life’s ultimate goal and their supreme motto is to extend and spend all their resources in the service of the needy and by doing this depositing happiness in the lives of others. Our Hasmukhlal was one such soul. Born in an ordinary family and after facing all the stark pains and mundane worries with the knack of a spirited soul, he inculcated the principles of simplicity, self-reliance and service to others whole through his life. Giving a real sense meaning to his name, Hasmukh, which means in Gujarati- “the person with smiling face”, he retained this quality of remaining self-sufficiently happy till his last breath. Though he is not physically present among us, the very scent of his deeds of service and charity is intact and alive around us. To keep the torch of service ignited by his Late father Shri Hasmukhlal burning, his son shri Nimeshbhai founded a company: Hasmukhlal & Sons Product , at Dantali GIDC, Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Nimeshbhai has in real sense inherited the qualities of Devotion to service, charity and the spirit of an entrepreneur from his father, Hasmukhlal and hence, at the very outset has vowed to run the company not through the greed of an ordinary entrepreneur but to produce and sell only those products on the minimum profit base which are in the interest of the public Health and well being.
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